Air Conditioning

Does you’re A/C blow hot or cool air from the vents? Does it blow cold air sporadically? Are there loud noises from underneath the hood we you turn it on? Any of these symptoms indicate the need for service to your vehicles Air Conditioning System.

At Burlington Tire, we understand the laws governing the use and disposal of refrigerants and employ licensed technicians who can inspect and repair your system properly. We will provide you with a complete analysis of your systems malfunctions and explain the estimated repair costs.

Our standard A/C Performance check includes the following:

Visual inspection of all A/C components for functionality.
A running performance test including state of charge and system control test.
Vacuation and pressure test using inert gas and leak detector.
Recharge and addition of dye / sealant to inspect for any dynamic (moving) part failures.

Some vehicles on the road today use an older refrigerant called R12. Due to strict environmental laws, this product was deemed environmentally unfriendly as it depleted the ozone layer. Burlington Tire customers should rest assured that we are fully capable of retrofitting these systems to the new R134a refrigerant and would be happy to quote you on this repair.

Be Aware! As an environmentally licensed facility, by law we cannot ‘top-up’ a leaking A/C system. A low system charge means a leak in your A/C system and top ups are neither a solution nor are they legal. Should a facility offer a top up without a repair, they open themselves to legal action by Environment Canada. And what benefit is it to you the valued customer? You have allowed illegal pollution and your system will again have to come back for follow up repairs! Let us fix it right the first time.

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