A properly aligned vehicle can protect you from spending hundreds of dollars in tire replacement and suspension repairs.

That is why we recommend having your vehicles alignment checked annually. At Burlington Tire, certified technicians perform alignments using state of the art computerized equipment. Worn steering and suspension components can cause noise, vibration, steering wheel off center and pulls. That is why we perform a complete steering and suspension inspection with every alignment. Be replacing worn parts you again regain steering control and handling returning the vehicle to its original operating specifications.

There are two kinds of alignments available based on your vehicles construction. Your Burlington Tire Service Advisor will let you know which one is right for your vehicle.

Two Wheel Alignment – for vehicles with non adjustable rear suspension. We determine the vehicles thrust line(direction which the wheels push) and adjust the front wheels to be in specification with the rear thrust line. The result are all 4 wheels in parallel with the steering wheel perfectly centered.

Four Wheel Alignment – for vehicles with adjustable rear suspension we adjust all wheels to the vehicles geometric centerline. Again, all wheels are parallel with the steering wheel centered.

Key alignment services include: Steering and suspension for worn components. Tire condition, size,and pressure. Ride height for weak or broken springs. And suspension for collision damage.

A pre and post printout are made for comparison at the end of each alignment.

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